What would Flappy Bird 3D look like if it came out on a retro console? Takes inspiration from games like Space Harrier. Web build works, but it has browser jank, please try one of the binaries for the smoothest experience.


  • Big Fireball: can't be killed, must be avoided by flying over/under.
  • Small animals: just shoot them with your AK. These can hide behind the fireballs and ambush you.


  • SPACE: flap wings.
  • Left Mouse Button: shoot the AK.
  • ESC: restart the level.



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EnterTheFlappyBird-linux.zip 39 MB
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EnterTheFlappyBird-mac.zip 39 MB


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Please don’t spam the same comment on people’s pages, thanks!

Hi leafo, I'll try not to. It was taking a long time to try all the games, so I wanted to save some of it by re-using the same message.

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Thanks for checking it out! I will try to add more levels with diff scrolling backgrounds soon.